Where will you find the best deli in North America? Yes, it’s a ridiculous question but play along. Shalom Life produced a top ten list, and it goes without saying that we’re talking Jewish delis here. All those great Italian and German delis are out of the running for this particular project. Anyway, New York’s Katz’s and Carnegie made the list, and LA’s Canter’s and Langer’s did too. As did Michigan’s Zingerman’s (and while the name sounds Jewish, are they really a Jewish deli?). But Shalom Life deemed none of those delis greatest on the continent. That honor went to Schwartz’s Deli of Montreal. And they don’t even serve corned beef or pastrami! But they do serve smoked meat, which many say is superior to those other two deli meats. And we won’t argue with them. What deli do you think deserves to be called best in North America?