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Gifford’s Ice Cream, Skowhegan ME


Why does ice cream taste better in New England than anywhere else in the country? We don’t have an answer, but as long as we keep travelling the area, we’ll keep tasting. There are boutique, one-shop stores offering superb hand-crafted renditions, and there are small companies that also turn out a product superior to the national brands. Gifford’s is one such Maine-owned ice cream maker that buys its cream locally and sells all over New England. Gifford’s premium ice cream has an honest flavor that we never tire of. Continue reading

Gifford’s Wins Best Ice Cream at World Dairy Expo

For the fifth consecutive year, Gifford’s, a Maine-based ice cream company, has won the World Dairy Expo award for best chocolate ice cream. The Expo, sponsored by the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association, also gave Gifford’s top honors for their regular vanilla, French vanilla, and Philly vanilla. Gifford’s is based in Skowhegan and is found principally in the state of Maine, although it can be found less frequently as far south as Maryland and as far west as Illinois. We’re especially fond of the five Maine Gifford’s stands, where they offer flavors not found in containers. Congrats to Gifford’s! Continue reading

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