We made a pit stop in Columbus, Ohio during our day-long drive from Pennsylvania to Cincinnati, just long enough to enjoy a pair of beers outside on the warm and sunny patio at Land-Grant Brewing. The clear, deep brown Son of a Mudder was more refreshing than a typical brown ale, probably due to the slightly elevated hop level. The toasty brown flavors were not overstated, making it quite drinkable for even a dark ale-frowner like Sue, although she enjoyed a Kölsch-style ale that is perfect on a hot, sunny afternoon such as this.

Land-Grant’s patio is the perfect place for man and beast (dogs galore) on a beautiful day like today.

The crowd was the typical casual mix of college students and twenty- and thirty-somethings, except for one interesting couple. The gent was tall and athletic, in a perfectly fitting suit, and his date was model-gorgeous. Could have sworn, from appearances alone, he was a first-round pick from the Columbus Clippers, Triple-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, enjoying his bonus money and future status, on his way to pitching in The Show.

424 West Town Street
Columbus OH 43215
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