Even if you’re not a tea drinker, we urge you to step inside Churchill’s Fine Teas in Cincinnati’s Findlay Market, for at least a moment or two. The heady aroma of tea leaves, spices, and herbs is fairly intoxicating, and the shop is an oasis of calm amid the bustle of the market. Look around, admire the tea sets and tea cups, all the while inhaling, inhaling, free of charge.

The walls are lined, end to end, with hundreds of tins of tea.

The folks at Churchill often have a brew or two available for sampling. Why not have a taste? Perhaps you are not a tea drinker because you’ve never had tea of this quality, brewed the proper way, before. We have to warn you, after a few minutes of browsing, smelling, and tasting, you’re likely to be inspired to the point of making a purchase. You may even discover you have a new hobby.

A gentle oasis in the wonderful madness that is the Findlay Market

Churchill carries over 265 teas, from purist straight black, oolong, and green teas, to teas married with dried fruits and spices, to herbal teas. Most teas run in the $3-4/ounce range, though it is possible to spend as much as $20 an ounce for something called Yellow Medallion, a hand-picked and processed variation of a Chinese green tea.

When we were in college, Bruce enrolled in a non-credit course in chess. The grandmaster/teacher began each class with the same detailed lesson on the precise way to brew tea. Yes, serious tea drinkers can be serious indeed, but there’s no need to take it any further than you wish. It really does help your full enjoyment, though, if you learn to brew tea so each one achieves its full potential. The methods differ with each type of tea — what temperature should the water be when they contact the leaves, how long should you steep. Churchill’s will be glad to give you the specifics for the teas you are planning to purchase.

Churchill’s holds classes and tastings periodically, along with the occasional traditional English afternoon tea. Check their website if you’re interested. Their website is also set up for shipping, and that’s fine if you are not local, but know that you and your nose are missing out on something if you don’t make at least one in-person visit to Churchill’s.

122 West Elder Street
Cincinnati OH 45202
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